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Project: Demographic concept

The Free State of Thuringia contacted the institute at the end of 2009 with a request for participation in a demographic concept for the Free State. Accordingly, a
Strategy design »Municipal Business 2025« (PDF)
for Thuringia was developed at the institute in 2010, in which, in addition to a detailed analysis of the past and future demographic development of Thuringia, suggestions and conclusions regarding demographic change in this state are discussed.

(∼1,4 MB)
Strategy design »Municipal Business 2025«,

(PDF document in German)

Project: Communal services in the Nordhausen/Sondershausen region

(taking into account the cities of Nordhausen and Sondershausen as well as the rural districts of Nordhausen and Kyffhäuserkreis)

The expertise on behalf of VUB Erfurt (Verbundnetz Gas Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH) is part and starting point of an intercommunal teaching research project by the client in cooperation with the Nordhausen and Kyffhäuserkreis districts as well as the cities of Nordhausen and Sondershausen.

Nordhausen is the sixth largest city in Thuringia - with a sharply declining population since the turn. The IFAD works on concepts for a sustainable positive future shaping of the region. The new project was initiated under the working title:

„The presentation of the current local economic structures and the cooperation status for selected areas of the local economy, including the evaluation of this 'status quo' in correlation to the demographic scenarios up to 2030 and the foreseeable development of the municipal funding“

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