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Interview | How reliable are population forecasts?
„Berlin is growing rapidly by 2030? Coffee grounds reading!“

Dr. Michel at »rbb-online« on July 8, 2015 on the growth forecasts for the capital:

„Senator Geisel […] said that in Berlin he no longer has to concentrate so much on the aging processes, but on the growth. In my eyes this is a fateful statement. I hope he didn't mean what he said. Because I can show a completely different forecast, namely that in about 15 years, i.e. 2030, we will have twice as many people over 65 and three times as many people over 85. We get a massive, alarming increase in the number of older and dependent Berliners. This is a very safe development, not a forecast, because these people already live in Berlin and will not move away anymore. […] Short-term developments over five or ten years can be predicted well. Everything else is coffee grounds reading.“

The whole article (PDF): rbb-coffee grounds-20150708

ZDF news program »« on the internet: PEGIDA- January 7, 2015

ZDF editor-in-chief Theveßen explains the PEGIDA movement at »«: „Experts like the demography researcher Dr. Harald Michel speak of so-called multi-minority societies in which all population groups - ethnic or religious - are only minorities.“ This passage refers to statements made by Dr. Harald Michel from 2005. So these are not new insights.

The contribution of »« (PDF): pr-heute-de-pegida

 Radio interviews with Dr. Harald Michel from IFAD

 Interview on the 2060
  population forecast

The Germans are getting fewer and fewer. At a press conference by the Federal Statistical Office on the population forecast for 2060.
Broadcast April 28, 2015
Length: 3:51 Minutes - File size 1 MB

 Interview on demographic
  change in Brandenburg

Where are all the Uckermarks? Demographic change in the Brandenburg region.
Interview with Dr. Harald Michel on the theme day Demography of the Inforadio-rbb in the series „Wissenswerte“ on May 6th, 2014
Length: 5 Minutes - File size 5 MB

Demogr. change: BRD shrinks

Demographic change: Germany is shrinking
Length: 14:30 Minutes - File size 6,81 MB

Youth East Study

Youth East Study
Length: 6:47 Minutes - File size 3,19 MB

Obligation to act

11/19/2006 Radio Inforadio RBB
Discussion forum with Dr. Harald Michel from the Brandenburg State Representation:
„Demographic change - obligation to act“
Length: 49:10 Minutes - File size 23,05 MB

Marzahn is different (1993)

Marzahn is different (1993)
Length: 30:00 Minutes - File size 14 MB

Inforadio RBB

01/03/2013 broadcasting
Inforadio RBB
New Year's talk at the beginning of the Science Year of Demography 2013
Interview with Dr. Harald Michel
Length: 30:00 Minutes - File size 14 MB

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