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Older citizens and people with special social problems in the district of Pankow 2003

A study on selected senior citizens' meeting places and social care facilities for people in problematic life situations.

Development: IFAD Gmbh Berlin-Brandenburg, Berlin, August 2003

PDF (Abstract):  Edition IFAD 107
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Older citizens and people with special social problems in the district of Pankow 2003

This edition presents the results of an empirical study conducted in 2003. This study, commissioned by the Pankow District Office of Berlin, focused on senior citizens and independent senior citizens' meeting places.
The analysis also took into account people who are currently in particularly problematic life situations and who visit and use appropriate facilities in the district.

This study is part of one of IFAD's research priorities. Since the beginning of the 1990s, empirical findings have been delivered and socio-demographically relevant problems of specific social groups and strata of the population have been analysed within this research field.

The relevant data, statistics and research results are made available to local politicians and the public.
In addition to a special evaluation of individual senior citizens' meeting places or day-care centres for people with special social problems, this research report also evaluates survey results that provide a general view of leisure interests, living conditions, value orientations, political understanding and general allow respondent sensitivity. In this documentation, IFAD for the first time examined the living situation of people living in institutions for the homeless or for overcoming of alcohol problems seek help.

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