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Surveys Senate Administration - Integration, Labor and Social Affairs

Since the mid-1990s, the institute has been working closely with the Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen district office in Berlin (primarily in municipal youth, social and health policy) and has carried out or implemented a wide range of survey and analysis projects on various socio-demographic problems. Current projects relate above all to youth and family-specific issues and the analysis of corresponding life situations.

(some PDF - documents in German)

Project: Child poverty in Lichtenberg

Panel lecture at the 1st Lichtenberg Child Poverty Conference on the topic:
„Child poverty in Lichtenberg“, Children in BG according to SGB II 2011 - 2017. Data and analysis

1st Child Poverty Conference, Lichtenberg district of Berlin
on November 13, 2019

- Conference documentation on „berlin.de“
PDF:  Documentation:
1st Lichtenberg - Child Poverty Conference
- PowerPoint - Presentation and/or PDF
PPT:  „Child poverty in Lichtenberg“
PDF:  „Child poverty in Lichtenberg“

Project: Survey on the dental care of people cared for at home in Lichtenberg

Final Report
PDF (Abstract):  Edition IFAD 143
(in english)

Project: Daycare survey in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin on the fields of action „Nutrition and Health 2018“

Frequency analysis
PDF (Abstract):  Edition IFAD 142
(in english)

Project: Parking management in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin 2016

Citizens survey December 2016 - frequency analysis
PDF (Abstract):  Edition IFAD 136
(in english)

Project: Children's day care center survey Lichtenberg 2014

Survey in Lichtenberger day care centers of the day care center company »NordOst« on the topics of nutrition, exercise and language development in July / August 2014. Standardized written survey with a scope of 19 questions.
The survey provides information on the status of childcare in the fields mentioned and, if necessary, the need for training measures for the educators.
PDF:  The evaluation
PDF:  The presentation of the results

Project: Family survey on day care centers and family centers in Hohenschönhausen/Lichtenberg 2013

PDF:  Daycare centers and family centers in Hohenschönhausen - parent survey

Project: Student survey - attitude to violence at schools in 2011

PDF:  Youth in Lichtenberg - Survey of schoolchildren at schools in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin on the understanding of violence

Project: Student survey - future expectations 2010

PDF:  Student survey at Lichtenberg schools - an empirical study

Project: Schoolchildren survey on youth leisure facilities 2009

PDF:  Youth leisure facilities in the Lichtenberg district - an empirical study

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