The History of the Institute (IFAD)

View of the town hall and Citizens' Office Lichtenberg

Foundation of the Institute:

The Institute for Applied Demography (IFAD) was founded on February 9, 1992 at the Humboldt University and started in its first business premises „Am Hafersteig“ in Berlin-Marzahn on. During the early years, the work of the institute was accompanied by a scientific advisory board. Amongst other things this included Professors Birg (Bielefeld University), Khalatbari (Humboldt University Berlin) and Elsner (Berlin State Statistical Office). Since the beginning, scientists at the institute have been respectively have been active members of the demographic societies of the Federal Republic (Johann-Peter-Süßmilch-Gesellschaft für Demographie respectively German Society for Demography).

Foun­dation of the insti­tute and fur­ther an­nual data

(Audio and video contributions are in German language)
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The Institute for Applied Demography (IFAD) is founded.

19.-21. Febr.

Participation in the 26th annual conference of the German Society for Population Science (DGBV) in Gosen

26. May

Research report by IFAD Berlin: „Social infrastructure of the Berlin district of Marzahn“

13. Oct.

IFAD Forum on „Living in Marzahn“

6./7. Nov.

Participation in the working group on demography of the developing countries of the DGBW in Bielefeld

3. Dec.

Presentation of the IFAD study „Unemployment in the New Building Districts - A Structural Analysis of Unemployment in the Marzahn District“ at the Marzahn District Office



2. March

IFAD Forum „Socio-Demographic Regional Research in Berlin“ on the topics: unemployment in the districts of Hellersdorf and Hohenschönhausen and employment promotion

23.-26. March

Conference in Mannheim

22.-26. April

European Business Days in Görlitz, topic: „Identity, integration and responsibility“ Lecture Dr. Michel: „CVs and career breaks in the new federal states“

13. May

IFAD Forum „Socio-demographic regional research in Berlin“ on the topics: birth development in the state of Brandenburg and family behavior in eastern Germany

17. June

Guest presentation by Dr. Harald Michel: „Social structure and political decision“

24. June

IFAD Forum „Socio-Demographic Regional Research in Berlin“ on the topics: Unemployment in Berlin and in-depth interviews of the unemployed

1.-3. July

Augsburg, lecture Dr. Michel: „Marzahn - a socio-demographic portrait“ in Augsburg

29. Sept.

Conclusion of a partnership agreement with IFAD

28. Oct.

IFAD Forum „Socio-Demographic Regional Research in Berlin“ on the topics: AFG-funded advanced training and retraining and ways to work

17.-19. Nov.

Participation in the conference of the Institute for Population Research and Social Policy in Bielefeld.



6.-9. Febr.

Conference of the IFAD together with the State Statistical Office Berlin in the Akademia Ekonomiczna Krakow (Poland)

16.-18. Febr.

28th working conference of the DGB in Bochum, topic: „International hikes“

17. Febr.

Constituent meeting of the Working Group on Historical Demography of the DGBW e.V.

21.-23. March

Working visit to the Statistical Office in Warsaw (Poland)

29./30. April

Social sciences and transformation process, KSPW event in Berlin

13.-15. June

ABM results exchange in Berlin: Presentation of the IFAD study „On the current social situation of the unemployed in spring 1993“ - in the employment district VII Berlin

8./9. Sept.

Project workshop of the research area „Living situation of single parents“ of the Federal Research Center for Regional Studies and Regional Planning Bonn in Rostock, Participant: Dr. Volker Schulz, Dr. Harald Michel

12.-16. Sept.

Participation in the Statistical Week 1994 in Vienna

22./23. Sept.

Autumn conference of the working group on population science methods of the DGBW e.V. in Kiedrich in the Rheingau


Participation in the lecture series of the Social Pedagogical Institute of the Free University of Berlin: „Aging - our future“

5.-7. Oct.

Participation in the European Conference of the University of Bamberg in cooperation with the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg, topic „Family Models and Family Reality in Change“

1. Nov.

Participation in the autumn conference of the DGB in the working group Demography of Developing Countries in Kiedrich

9./10. Nov.

Conference of the Academy for Technology Assessment in Mannheim, topic: „New forms of organization in services and administration“

18. Nov.

Autumn conference of the „Historical Demography“ working group of the DGB, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Differentiations in reproductive behavior - denominational or socially determined? The example of Prussia 1816 - 1993“

2. Dec.

Conference „5 to 12 in our families?“ in Potsdam

8. Dec.

10th IFAD Forum „Socio-Demographic Regional Research in Berlin“ Topic: „Long-term unemployed in East Germany“

11.-14. Dec.

Participation in the conference on 130 years of statistics in Warsaw at the Warsaw Statistics Office

12./13. Dec.

Sociological transformation conference on the topic: „Social change and actors in (Eastern) Germany“, organizer KSPW and BISS, Haus am Köllnisch Park, Berlin

13.-19. Dec.

Conference of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in Washington, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Population Prospects for United Germany“



19./20. Jan.

Participation in the conference of the Institute for Population Research and Social Policy in Bielefeld

26. Jan.

Society for Demography, Working Group Demography, Lectures - Heidenreich: „The microcensus as a multipurpose sample and its core areas: the purchase and maintenance concept“ and Guttmann: „Income and consumption sample - a statistic of the economic calculations of private households“

15.-17. Febr.

Participation in the 29th working conference of the DGBW: „World Population and Development“, University of Halle; Summer semester Humboldt University Berlin: Lecture series by Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Introduction to the demography / population history of Europe including Germany“

1. March

Statistical colloquium, Landesarbeitsamt Berlin, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Family education processes in the new federal states and their effects on fertility conditions“

3.-7. April

Participation in the 27th congress of the German Sociological Association in Halle: „Society in Change“

21.-23. April

Participation in the conference of the Evangelical Academy of Saxony on the topic: „Millions of unemployed in Germany - How long can we afford that?“

27. April

Participation in the workshop of the Research Center Leipzig of the Cultural Studies Institute NRW on the topic: „The image of women in the media“

16. May

Participation in the specialist conference of the Bonn Science Center, Institute for Social Research and Social Policy: „Expenses for the livelihood of children - Possibilities for the personal distribution of consumption expenses within the framework of the EVS“

18. May

Participation in the Berlin debate INITIAL e.V., discussion in the Kulturhaus Mitte, topic: „Poverty and subclass“

8. June

Participation in the working group Demography of the Society for Demography, topic: „Demography and Statistics of the Capitals Moscow, Warsaw and Berlin“

19. June

Conference of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Bonn, topic: „Social reform and the future of social assistance“

16. June-1. July

21st New Hampshire Symposium, World Fellowship Center in Conway, topic „Who’s We? - The Identity Dispute in the New German States Five Years after Unification“. Lecture Dr. Michel: „Adaptation or reforming? The identity change in East Germany in its relevance for population development since unification - causes, implications, perspectives“

29. Aug.

Economic and labor market policy conference of the SPD in the Berlin House of Representatives on the subject: „Ecological tax reform and the future of work“

5. Oct.

Participation in the workshop of the Japanese-German Center Berlin in cooperation with the project Demographic Change at the SPD party executive: „Modernization of Aging Societies - Perspectives for Japan and Germany“

6./7. Oct.

„Cultural history 'light'“, conference of the Cultural History Institute, Science Center NRW - Research Center Leipzig

13. Oct.

Participation in the work and social discussion group in Bonn

19. Oct.

Participation in the Berlin debate INITIAL e.V., Kulturhaus Mitte, topic: „The dispute private property“

25. Oct.

Participation in the discussion group on work and social affairs, Bonn, topic: „Charities in Germany - discontinued or future model?“

30./31. Oct.

Autumn conference of the DGBW e.V. in Kiedrich / Rheingau, topics: „Methodological foundations of population requirements“ and „Methods for the analysis of changed family and household structures“

7. Nov.

Participation in the event series WORKSHOP SCIENCE of the Network Science in the Café PAZ, lecture by Dr. Frank Adler: „GDR - elites between relegation and advancement“

9./10. Nov.

Participation in the demographic symposium of the Institute for Population Research and Social Policy in Bielefeld, topic: „Current results of demographic research“

23. Nov.

12th IFAD forum: „The end of equality - East Germans between prosperity and poverty - Results and problems of social science research five years after unity“

7. Dec.

Participation in the DFG, working group for demography on the topic: „Suburbanization“

14.-16. Dec.

Participation in the DFG - „Conference on the History of Political Propaganda in Germany in Leipzig“ in Leipzig



15./16. March

Workshop „Social scientists speak up - opportunities and tasks of the social sciences in the transformation process“ in Weimar

11./12. April

30th working conference of the German Society for Population Sciences in Walferdange / Luxembourg, topic: „Changes in family and lifestyle in an international comparison“

20.-22. April

Excursion and conference of the Johann Peter Sweet Milk Society for Demography to Wroclaw and Brzeg (Poland), lecture by Dr. Lischke (IFAD): „Demography before sweet milk: Kaspar Neumann (1648-1715) in Wroclaw“

26. April

Colloquium on Economic and Social History at the Free University Lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Population theory and politics in mercantilism“

6. June

13th IFAD forum, topics including: „Between career and saucepan - women image of girls in East Berlin“

8. June

First public conference of the East Germany Forum at the SPD party executive in Leipzig, topic: „Future Network: A second chance for East Germany!“

19.-26. June

22nd New Hampshire Symposium, World Fellowship Center, in Conway (USA), topic: „Between Confrontation and Understanding: Bridges and Barriers to Communication in Eastern Germany.“ Lecture Dr. Michel; „Families in the GDR - Two sides of a misunderstanding - Results of two empirical studies on family pictures of East Germans before and after the reunification“

3. July

IFAD moves to Sophienstraße 3 (Berlin-Mitte)

16. Aug.

Website of the institute

23.-27. Sept.

Statistical week 1996 of the Association of German Statisticians and the German Statistical Society in Karlsruhe

26. Sept.

„Late Night Show“ B1 (rbb): Studio talk with Dr. Michel: „Approached - young people in Marzahn“ «

6.-9. Oct.

Participation in the event of the Stat. LA Berlin, House at Rupenhorn, topic: „Statistics and youth in the big city“

7.-11. Oct.

28th Congress of the German Sociological Association in Dresden, topic: „Difference and Integration. The Future of Modern Societies“

25. Oct.

DGB Working Group on Methods in Population Science, Lecture by Dr. Michel: „Judgments and prejudices about family structures in the former GDR“

1./2. Nov.

Autumn conference of the DGBW Historical Demography Working Group in Osnabr&#uuml;ck, topic: „Development of infant mortality“; Lecture Dr. Harald Michel: „Differentiations in reproductive behavior - denominational or socially determined? The example of Prussia 1816-1933“

21./22. Nov.

Demographic symposium of the Institute for Population Research and Social Policy at Bielefeld University, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Marriage announcements in the GDR - newspapers as a source of sociological research“

6. Dec.

Colloquium on economic and social history at the FU / HU, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Population development in the new federal states since the unification of Germany. Causes - Implications - Perspectives“



29. Jan.

IFAD Press Release: „A partner from the paper - GDR marriage announcements as a source of sociological research“

6. Febr.

„Late Night Show“ B1 (rbb) Interview with Dr. Michel: „Marriage announcements in the GDR“ «



IFAD: Social Reporting, Family Report of the State of Brandenburg „Der Spiegel“ No. 48: IFAD on higher aspiration of East German youth; ORB - Brandenburg Aktuell: „Family Report of the State of Brandenburg“

21.-23. Febr.

Participation in the conference of the Evangelical Academy Berlin-Brandenburg in Berlin: „Sustainable Community Development - An Interim Assessment with a Focus on East Germany“

17./18. March

Participation in the symposium „Social and Political Change in East Germany“ in Berlin

21.-23. April

Seminar on occupational safety in Gevelinghausen

24.-26. April

31st working conference of the German Society for Population Research in Berlin, topic: „Society and Population in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe“; Lecture Dr. Michel: „Demographic characteristics of large Eastern European settlements in the process of transformation“

29. April

Public hearing of the inquiry commission: „Overcoming the consequences of the SED dictatorship in the process of German unity“ of the German Bundestag in Eisenhüttenstadt; topic: „Everyday life in the GDR between self-assertion and adaptation - experiences and coping strategies in a deficient society“; Lecture Dr. Harald Michel: „Between catching up and adjusting. Consumption and living standards in the new federal states - a few selected comments“

11.-14. June

Participation in the 2nd European Congress for Family Research in Vienna, topic: „Life and family forms - facts and norms“

19.-30. June

23rd New Hampshire Symposium, World Fellowship Center in Conway (USA): „Beyond the East? Heading West? East German Perspectives and Prospects in the United Germany“, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Regional differences and inner-city segregation processes as an expression of progressive social differentiation“

22. Aug.

Presentation of the IFAD investigation: „Social assistance in the district Köpenick of Berlin“, in the town hall Köpenick

9.-14. Sept.

Working meeting at the Research Institute for Statistics Minsk in Minsk


Participation in the statistical week in Bielefeld

3./4. Oct.

Participation in the workshop of the 'Zukunftswerkstatt Ost' at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Magdeburg, topic: „Unity as fiction? On the problem of the cultural difference between East and West Germans“



18.-21. Jan.

International conference for multipliers from youth welfare and statistics in Berlin, House at Rupenhorn, topic: „Statistics and youth welfare planning in the big city. Possibilities of analyzing and using statistical data in the youth field“; Lecture Dr. Harald Michel: „Split families, split biographies - emigrants in Berlin“

30. Jan.

Presentation of the results of the IFAD research on the „Structure of recipients of ongoing livelihood support in the district of Weißensee“ at the district office in Weißensee

21. Febr.

Participation in the Science Forum in Magdeburg on the topic: „Continue building: Saxony-Anhalt as a location for innovation and science“


Acquisition of a donation letter for the „Reconstruction of Frauenkirche Dresden“ by IFAD

5. March

16th IFAD forum „Split biographies, divided families - late repatriates between exclusion and integration“ in the Lichtenberg council hall

20.-22. April

Participation in the 32nd working conference of the German Society for Population Science in Bonn on „Demography and Politics“, lecture by Dr. Harald Michel: „Immigration to Berlin - a social problem in the focus of science and politics“

22.-24. April

Seminar on occupational safety of the administrative trade association in Storkau, topic: „Screen workplace design topics 1“

14. May

The „Rostocker Zeitung“ publishes an article on the 1997 IFAD survey: „Rostockers like to live in their city“

24.June - 1.July

24th New Hampshire Symposium, World Fellowship Center in Conway (New Hampshire), topic: „Difference (s) in the East. East Germany between New Beginnings and Marginalization“;
Lecture Dr. Harald Michel: „Split biographies - divided families - between ghettoization and assimilation. Russian-German emigrants in Berlin as objects of increasing social exclusion and simultaneous inner differentiation“

28. August

Participation in the street inauguration: „Johann-Peter-Süßmilch-Stege“ on the occasion of the celebration „825 years Etzin“

14.-18. Sept.

Sociology conference in Freiburg

5. Oct.

Working conference of the Society for Demography in Lübeck: „Interregional walks in Germany“, lecture by Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Migration flows in structurally weak regions of Brandenburg“

29./30. Oct.

Autumn seminar at Bielefeld University: „Old-age insurance and demographic development“, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Social assistance as a moment of old-age provision“ ´

30./31. Oct.

Participation in the autumn conference of the DGB in Rostock: „Ways to restrict births“

3./4. Dec.

Participation in the „Malthus conference in Berlin“



January/ February

Press reaction to the IFAD study on young welfare recipients in the Lichtenberg district and Tempelhof-Schöneberg (including the Berliner Zeitung, BZ, Berliner Morgenpost, Tagesspiegel)

19.-20. April

Participation in the workshop of the German Statistical Society at the University of Trier on the topic: „2001 Census“

21.-23. April

Participation in the 33rd annual meeting of the DGB in Osnabrück: „Immigration region Europe?“

28. April

State Statistical Office Berlin, Lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Backup and first processing of East Berlin data for the period 1960 to 1990“

28. April

Participation in the conference of the Alfred Töpfer Foundation at the HU in Berlin: „Roots and development of civil society and voluntary work in the East German countries“

12. May

Freie Universität Berlin, Lecture Dr. Michel: „The labor market situation of sociologists“

2. June

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Observation of social areas in Berlin. The new reform districts“

16. June

17th IFAD Forum: „Vocational Training Today and Tomorrow“

23.-30. June

25th New Hampshire Symposium, Conway: „From Reunification to Unity? East Germany Ten Years after the Fall of the Wall“, Lecture Dr. Michel: „On the structure and problems of the inner city districts“

8. July

Participation in the alliance symposium at the ICC: „Longevity - Opportunities and Socio-Economic Challenges“

21./22. Oct.

Participation in the conference of the section Social Indicators in the DGS in cooperation with WZB: „10 years after the fall of the wall: equivalent living conditions or permanent inequality?“

30./31. October

Participation in the DGB working group „Historical Demography“ in Hagen

17. December

IfS of FU Berlin, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Differences between theories and empiricism of urban development in Berlin“, lecture series on the city and regional sociology



28. Febr.

Presentation of a structural analysis of the population receiving social assistance by the IFAD and the district office Wedding, press conference in the town hall Wedding

2. March

Report of the „Berliner Morgenpost“ about the IFAD investigation: „27000 Weddinger on the drip of social welfare“

5.-7. April

Participation in the 34th annual meeting of the 'DGB' (German Society for Population Science) on the topic: „Development of the world population“ in Bochum

16. May

IFAD talk at the conference „District Employment Relations“ in the Schöneberg Town Hall

25. May

Participation in the GESOBAU forum event „People and Living in the 21st Century“ on the occasion of its 100th anniversary in Berlin

21.-28. June

26th New Hampshire Symposium, World Fellowship Center Conway (USA), New Hampshire, Lecture Dr. Michel: „The development of family orientations among East German young people since the early 1990's“

13. July

IFAD lecture on the conference „District employment relationships“: „Basic socio-demographic data for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg“

12. Sept.

Dr. Michel (IFAD) Interview with „Asahi Shimbun“ (daily newspaper Japan)

25.-29. Sept.

Participation in the Statistical Week in Nuremberg

27.-30. Oct.

Participation in the DGB working group „Migration - Integration - Minorities“, autumn conference in Mannheim

6./7. Nov.

Demographic symposium at Bielefeld University, topic: „The demographic development of Germany in the 21st century - social and health policy implications“

23. Nov.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „The social situation of the population in Brandenburg: A description of the situation based on the Brandenburg social indicator set“


Publication of the „Friedrichshort Forum“ magazine on the IFAD tenant survey

1./2. Dec.

Conference of the DGB, the Johann-Peter-Süßmilch-Society for Demographie and the Max-Planck-Institut for Demographic Research on the topic „Population theory and population policy before 1933“, moderated by Dr. Michel: „The state of social science after the First World War“



22.-24. Jan.

Participation in the Rupenhorn conference „Statistics and youth welfare planning in the big city“ in Berlin

27.-29. Apr.

Participation in the „XIth Conference for Applied Sociology“ in Bad Boll, topic: „Virtual Social Relationships“

21.-23. June

Participation in the conference „Family Policy and Family Structures“ of the Johann-Peter-Süßmilch-Society for Demography, Berlin, Spandau Citadel

Sept. 2001

Subscription of share capital for the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace by the IFAD

24.-27. Sept.

Participation in the Statistical Week in Dortmund

1. Oct.

Participation in the European forum „Shaping Asylum and Immigration Policy in Europe and Germany - Ways towards a Common Solution“, Museum for Communication, Berlin

25.-26. Okt.

Participation in the conference of the working group „Population Science Methods“ of the German Society for Demography in Dresden

2.-3. Nov.

Participation in the „Working Group Historical Demography“ of the German Society for Demography: „The end of marriage: widowhood, divorce, separation, leaving and their consequences“

9. Nov.

Lions Club Berlin on „10 Years IFAD“ (IFAD)

30. Nov./1. Dec.

Participation in the conference of the German Society for Demography in the Harnack House in Berlin on the topic: „Population theory and population policy in the Third Reich“

7. Dec.

FU-Berlin: semester lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD): „On the professional situation in applied research“



21.-23. Januar

Conference „Youth Assistance in Big Agglomerations“, House at Rupenhorn; State Statistical Office Berlin, Lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD): „The Use of Time for Cultural Purposes of Juveniles in Berlin“

30./31. Mai

Participation in the conference of the German Society for Demography, University of Rostock, topic: „Life expectancy and mortality“

4. Sept.

District Pankow, „Open House“, presentation of the IFAD document „The district Pankow of Berlin - a socio-demographic portrait“

12.-15. Sept.

Eastern German Studies Association, Montreal, Quebec (Canada); Lecture Dr. Michel: „The Shock is Followed by the Implosion: East German Population Development Since Unification“

1./2. Nov.

Participation in the 9th autumn conference of the working group „Historical Demography“ at the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt /(Oder) on the topic: „Determinants and Patterns of Marriage Behavior“



23. Jan.

Working group on demography at the HU in Berlin, lecture by Dr. Michel (IFAD): „After the shock the implosion? - Current tendency of the population development in East Germany“

20.-22. Jan.

7th International meeting at House at Rupenhorn: „Statistics and the Help for Young People in Big Cities“ (Scorus), lecture by Dr. Michel with Ulrike Hagemeister: „The Gender Dimension and the Benefit Situation in the Welfare System of Berlin“

27. Feb-1. March

Participation in the meeting of the Foundation for the Review „The Future of a Died State“ in Wittenberg

5.-7. March

Participation in the annual conference of the German Society for Demography in Wiesbaden: „Transnational and interregional migration processes“

13. Aug.

„Die Welt“ Interview with Dr. Michel: „Gerontocracy is a danger to society.“

22. Aug.

18th IFAD forum „Active and mobile in old age?“, Presentation of the results of the IFAD investigation: „Elderly citizens and people with special social problems in the Pankow district“

28. Aug.

Participation in the working group on demography: „Does demography need a theory?“

28. Aug.

The „Stuttgarter Zeitung“ publishes an interview with Dr. Michel: „The young in the west, the old in the east - the scientist Harald Michel on aging society“

25. Sept.

Participation in the Association Day of the German Volksheimstättenwerk: „The future of residential property in state and society“

5. Nov.

IFAD forum, lecture by Dr. Michel: „People in social emergency situations“

6. Nov.

Press releases in various newspapers on IFAD investigations. „Berliner Zeitung“: „There are fewer social assistance recipients in the East than in the West - New study presented / Every third child in Kreuzberg lives on support“; „taz“: „The younger, the poorer“; „Berliner Morgenpost“: „Kreuzberg is the poor house of Berlin“



22. Jan.

20th IFAD Forum: „Social Polarization - Poverty in Berlin-Mitte“; Presentation by Dr. Michel (IFAD) and Ulrike Hagemeister

23. Jan.

Press releases on the IFAD study: „Berliner Morgenpost“: „Mitte - New study: Where poverty is at home - A remarkable number of foreign senior citizens and young women receive social assistance“; „taz“: „poverty belt across the middle“; „ND“: „Poverty is high in the middle“; „FAZ“: „Berlin-Mitte: 40,000 social assistance recipients“; „Berliner Zeitung“, page 19: „Schröder's neighbors are poor - around the government district, children and pensioners in particular have to live on social welfare.“

26. Jan.

„Bild Berlin“, page 3: „Every fifth person lives here from social assistance - Berlin's poorest street - Our sad life in Söldner Straße“

28. Jan.

„Berliner Abendblatt“: „Wedding / Tiergarten - Where every fifth lives on support“; „Berliner Woche“: „Alarming numbers - More and more people in the Mitte district live on social assistance.“

29. Jan.

„Birth Theories Around 1930“, lecture by Dr. Ursula Ferdinand (IFAD) at the Demography Working Group, HU

12. Feb.

„Tenant magazine“: „Child poverty - tendency terrifying, tendency increasing“, results of the IFAD study „Social structure and spatial segregation of social assistance recipients in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg 2003“

13. May

„Demography as a subject of controversy at the HU (1972-1992)“, lecture by Dr. Rainer Karlsch (IFAD) at the Demography Working Group

8. Sep.

21st IFAD-Forum: „On the way to social sidelines? Research into causes in Berlin-Neukölln“

9. Sep.

Press reports on the IFAD investigation: „BZ“: „We live in Berlin's poorest streets!“; „Berliner Zeitung“: „Nord-Neukölln is on the way to social sidelines“; „Berliner Morgenpost“: „Berlin's Poverty Center - New study on social welfare recipients presented in the district: 71.3 percent live in the north of Neukölln“; „taz“: „Poverty in Neukölln is growing“

15. Sep.

MDR television interview „Umschau“ with Dr. Michel: „Women run out of the East“



8. Feb.

Lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD) in the Einstein Forum Potsdam: „Ahead of the West - On Social and Population Development in the State of Brandenburg“; February press reports on IFAD investigations: „Berliner Zeitung“: „Land without people - the population in the peripheral regions is falling significantly.“; „Märkische Allgemeine“: „Almost like climate change“; „Latest Potsdam News“: „Modernity is now called shrinkage - Berlin demography researcher warns against blue eyes“; „Märkische Allgemeine“: „Villages are disappearing from the map - demographer Dr. Harald Michel on the possible effects of a new funding policy“

4. March

„Inforadio“ - interview with Dr. Michel: „Funding for Brandenburg“

14. Apr.

22nd IFAD-Forum: „One-way street poverty - An investigation into the steadfastness of poverty milieus in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg“

16. Apr.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „The social and population development in the state of Brandenburg“, Seehotel „SEMINARIS“, Potsdam

9.-11. May

Participation in the „Media Meeting Point Central Germany“, Hotel The Westin: „The Power of Truths - Laws of the Media World“

27./28. May

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Shrinkage and aging“ in the Klax family center: „Awaken imagination - discover new ways“

6. June

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Brandenburg is getting older - how must the state and municipalities react?“, Information event of the CDU district parliamentary group in the “Haus am Stadtsee“, Eberswalde

27. June

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Saxony-Anhalt: Laboratory for Demographic Development in Germany“, CDU parliamentary group in the Ratswaage Hotel, Magdeburg

26.-28. Aug.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Demographic development in Germany and Poland, their importance for the future living conditions of our aging society“ at the 2nd international seminar „Germany-Poland“ of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation „Aging and Shrinkage. The Common Demographic Problems of Germany and Poland“


Interview with Dr. Michel: „What demography means and does: change and opportunity“ appeared in the brochure „Living in Old Age in the State of Berlin“ by Aperçu Berlin

8. Sept.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „The social and population development with its effects on the municipal structures in the district of Oberhavel“, organizer CDU Oranienburg in the restaurant in the „Turm-Erlebnis-City“

15. Sept.

„Delitzsch-Eilenburger Kreiszeitung“, interview with Dr. Michel: „Young people in particular go to the West.“

30. Sept.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Population and labor development: the Bitterfeld-Wolfen district in the past 100 years“, Wolfen Industrial and Film Museum

4.-6. Nov.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „The demographic development and its effects“, HDV (HotelDirector Association) in the Dorint Sofitel An der Messe, Cologne

6. Dec.

Dr. Michel in the ZDF lunchtime magazine on „Changing the population structure!“



8.-10. March

Annual meeting of the DGD in Bonn on the topic: „Effects of aging population with special consideration of regional aspects“, lecture by Dr. Schulz, Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Demographic change and adaptation strategies in structurally weak rural areas of Brandenburg with special attention to the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin“

26. Apr.

BBA (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Housing and Real Estate Management), lecture by Dr. Michel: „Demand changes, forecasts and scenarios for Berlin and Brandenburg against the background of demographic change“

23. May

Participation in the presentation of the new Prognos Germany Report 2003 „The Project Future“ in the House of German Business, Berlin

29./30. July

Interview with Dr. Michel: „East remains dependent on funds“ in „Freie Presse“, page 5

8. Nov.

Lecture Dr. Michel at the „Demography Summit“ of the Free State of Saxony in Dresden

14./15. Nov.

Institute for Urban Development of the German Academy for Urban Development and Regional Planning Berlin, Lecture Dr. Michel: „Can the demographic change be designed spatially?“

16. Nov.

Participation in the „Conference of the Municipal Academy East“: „Demographic change and its effects on the municipalities in Brandenburg“, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Brandenburg State Office

17. Nov.

Participation in the 2nd Brandenburg Demography Conference: „Use hikes - exploit potential for Brandenburg“, Hotel Mercure, Potsdam

19. Nov.

Radio 'Inforadio rbb'
Discussion forum with Dr. Harald Michel from the Brandenburg State Representation:

»  „Demographic change - obligation to act“< «

20. Nov.

Lecture by Dr. Michel in the „Martin Anderson Nexö“ cultural center in Rüdersdorf in front of the CDU Märkisch-Oderland




Biographical lexicon on the history of demography is published by Duncker & Humblot Berlin, (Author: Dr. R.-J. Lischke / IFAD, ed. Dr. H. Michel / IFAD)

21. March

Participation in DGD annual conference on „Aging and the labor market“

23. March

Contaminated site symposium 2007, ITVA (engineering association for contaminated sites) in Erfurt, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Implications of Demographic Change in Germany“

16. Apr.

3rd Brandenburg Demography Congress and Jubilee Colloquium „15 Years IFAD“ in the State Representation of Brandenburg

23. May

Publication in „Freie Presse“: „Who should take care of the elderly? - Population researcher Dr. Harald Michel sees major problems coming to East Germany.“

12. June

Round table discussion with Dr. Michel at the Novotel Centrum, Warsaw

22. June

Participation in the 4th Brandenburg Demography Conference „Demographic Change in Europe as a Regional Challenge“ in Templin

13./14. Sept.

German Bundeswehr Association, State Association East, Hotel „Berliner Ring“, Berlin; Lecture Dr. Michel: „The demographic development of the next few years in the Federal Republic of Germany and the effects on the Bundeswehr“

24.-27. Sept.

Participation in the Statistical Week in Kiel

1. Oct.

Participation in the 9th Berlin Demography Talk of the Robert Bosch Foundation: „Family Policy - From Social Welfare to Investing in the Future“

8./9. Nov.

Participation in the forum „Global Issues - World Power Religion“, at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

9. Nov.

Participation in the panel discussion in cooperation with the IZT - Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment: „Paths to more children in Germany - responsibility for companies, the state and society“ in the representation of the Free State of Saxony at the federal government and in Berlin

22. Nov.

1st East Brandenburg regional conference „Vocational training and securing skilled workers“, IHK training center Frankfurt (Oder); Lecture Dr. Michel: „Between moving premiums and holding strategies - how do we deal with demographic change?“

23. Nov.

2nd Berlin conference in the House of Representatives in Berlin, lecture by Dr. Michel: “Demographic change - skilled labor for the future of Berlin“

6. Dec.

Participation in the joint conference „Just Generational Contracts ?!“ of the Research Center Generational Contracts (FZG) and the Initiative New Social Market Economy (INSM)



17. Jan.

Lecture Dr. Michel (IFAD): „Demographic situation: Opportunities for future scenarios“, technical discussion within the project „Oder region - free movement of workers - labor market development“, in the TU-Cottbus

12. Feb.

Participation in the conference of the Robert Bosch Foundation „Demography - Countries Thing! Perspectives from Brandenburg and Bavaria“, Berlin

3. March

ddp - interview with Dr. Michel: „Berlin's demographic concept ignores reality.“

5.-7. March

„The new demographic concept of the Berlin Senate in the light of real population development“, IFAD lecture at the DGD annual conference 2008 in Stuttgart

17.-19. March

Participation in the international conference: „Help for the young generation. Statistics and planning in the big city“, Berlin

3. Apr.

Lecture Dr. Michel: „The special form of demographic change in East Germany - effects on the skilled worker situation“, EuroNorm GmbH, agency workshop

17. Apr.

Participation in the Berlin discussion 2008 on the 'ARD Theme Week'

6. May

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Demographic change and its consequences for local politics“, Freiberg district

14. May

Lecture Dr. Michel: „Securing skilled workers in the (or despite) demographic change“ as part of the event „Regional cooperation and securing skilled workers. An excellent idea in the Land of Ideas“, BNFS (Barnimer Network for securing skilled workers)

19. May

Participation in the event „Demographic change and adaptation strategies in structurally weak rural areas of Saxony-Anhalt“ in Jerichow

5. June

Participation in the event „Cultural Diversity, Integration and Economy“ of the HWWI in Berlin in the representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg at the federal government

25. June

Participation in the conference of the expert commission „Demographic Change Saxony“ in Dresden

28. June

Congress of the CDU center: „Social City“, lecture by Dr. Michel

20. Sept.

„The Tempelhof-Schöneberg district in 2030 - intercultural city, successful integration“; Dr. Michel as „expert input“

30. Sept.

Participation in the final event „Demographic Development“ of the Enquete Commission, Saxon State Parliament, Dresden

10. Oct.

Participation in the conference of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation „Demographic change in northeast Brandenburg - regional development with fewer and fewer people“, in Templin

30. Oct.

Participation in the demography congress „Consequences of demographic development in Saxony-Anhalt. Model projects on demographic change“, in Magdeburg

5. Nov.

Colloquium with Dr. Michel: „From the Green Paper to the Alliance of Regions - How is the EU responding to demographic change?“

6. Nov.

Participation in an event of GSW-Immobilien GmbH, topic: “Demography concept for Berlin - City worth living in - Perspectives on living in Berlin“

18./19. Nov.

3rd symposium „fire service training“ in Dortmund, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Demographic change in Germany and its consequences“

19. Nov.

MDR interview with Dr. Michel in “Thuringia exclusive“: „Job, culture and great love - what immigrants move to Thuringia“

25. Nov.

Forum of the German Farmer's Association (DBS): „The Land - Education Opportunity or Emergency?“, Berlin; Lecture Dr. Michel: „Is the country running out of youth?“



4. March

Participation in the opening of the Rostock Center for Research into Demographic Change, in the foyer of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology: „A New Picture of Age“

11.-12. March

DGD annual conference „Integration in the Mirror of Socio-Demographic Research Results“, in Nuremberg; Lecture Harald Michel, Volker Schulz (IFAD Berlin): „Internationalization and Integration in Berlin - The importance of small-scale differentiated analyzes and new requirements for population statistics“

3. July

„Generation Gold“ - How demographic change will change our society

» Lecture Dr. Michel at the Saarland University «



27./28. Januar 

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung conference: „Civic engagement as an attitude to life in the face of demographic change“, Participation Dr. Harald Michel (IFAD) at the closing discussion


Annual meeting of the German Society for Demography in Rostock, Session 9: „Determinants of Family Expansion“ (Chair Dr. Harald Michel)

5. March

Presentation of the 2nd Demography Prize,
Participation Dr. Harald Michel at the closing discussion

29. March

Invitation to the 24th meeting of the Berlin Advisory Board on Family Issues on April 14, lecture by Michel and Dr. Schulz: „Combating and preventing child and family poverty in Berlin“

30. März

„No rescue comes from Poland“, Interview with Dr. Michel on the consequences of demographic change.
Tagesspiegel, March 31, 2010, p. 21: „Time bomb demographic change“

29. Apr.

WHKT conference in Düsseldorf „Fit for 2025 - mastering the challenges of demographic change“, Lecture Dr. Michel: „Economic Impacts of Population Development“

6. May

Annual meeting of the coordination group of the „Network for municipal energy“, lecture by Dr. Michel: „Blind in both eyes and deaf with both ears? - Politics and demographic change“


On behalf of the district city council for family, youth and health of the district Lichtenberg of Berlin, presentation of the „student survey at schools in Lichtenberg - an empirical investigation“ by Dr. Volker Schulz

8. Oct.

Presentation and podium Dr. Michel, Working Group 2: „Future profession pharmacist“



10. Sept. 

Lecture by Dr. Michel (IFAD) on the topic of „State development and regional planning in times of demographic change“ with the parliamentary group 'Die Linke' in the Thuringian state parliament

4. Nov.

Lecture by Dr. Michel on „Demographic development of our society and its impact on fire brigade staffing“ at the international conference of the CTIF / SFV in Regensdorf near Zurich (CH)



22. March

20th anniversary of the IFAD ( see documentation )


Interview with Dr. Michel (IFAD) in the EWE's local letter on „Demographic challenges for Brandenburg“

15. May

Comment by Dr. Michel on the topic „Change is unstoppable - focus on effective adaptation strategies is required“ in the demography newsletter

29. May

Keynote speech and discussion led by Dr. Michel on the topic „Demographic scenarios in Thuringia with relevance for the municipal economy“ on the occasion of a specialist conference of the Thuringian Ministry of Construction, Regional Development and Transport

7. Nov.

Lecture by Dr. Michel on „Challenges for the construction industry resulting from Germany's demographic development“


3. Jan.

»Inforadio rbb«
New Year's talk at the beginning of the Science Year of Demography 2013
»Interview with Dr. Harald Michel«

18. Apr.

Keynote speech by Dr. Michel (IFAD) on the subject of „Civic engagement in demographic change - rural areas need a future“ at the 5th BBE lunch discussion

19. May

Interview with Dr. Michel on INFO-Radio 93.1 on „Challenges of demographic change“

16./17. Oct.

Lecture by Dr. Michel at Strategy Circle Insurance on relevant questions of demographic change



6. May

„Where are all the Uckermarks? Demographic change in the Brandenburg region“
Interview with Dr. Harald Michel on the theme day Demography of the Inforadio 'rbb' in the series:
„Worth knowing“ - Length of the contribution: 5 minutes - file size 5 MB



7. Jan.

ZDF news program 'heute.de' on PEGIDA
At heute.de, ZDF editor-in-chief Theveßen addresses the PEGIDA movement: „Experts like the demography researcher Dr. Harald Michel speak of so-called multi-minority societies in which all population groups - ethnic or religious - are only minorities.“ This passage refers to statements made by Dr. Harald Michel from 2005. So these are not new findings.

28. Apr.

Interview on the 2060 population forecast: „Germans are becoming fewer and fewer.“
At a press conference of the Federal Statistical Office on the population forecast for 2060
length of the contribution: 3:51 minutes - file size: 1 MB

8. July

Interview | How reliable are population forecasts?
„Berlin will grow rapidly by 2030? Coffee grounds reading!“

Dr. Michel at rbb-online about the capital city's growth forecasts:

„Senator Geisel said [...] that in Berlin he no longer has to concentrate on aging processes but on growth. In my eyes, that's a fateful statement. I hope he didn't mean it as he did. Because I can point out a completely different forecast, namely that in about 15 years, in 2030, we will have twice as many people over 65 and three times as many people over 85. We get a massive, an alarming one Increase in the number of older and dependent Berliners. This is a very safe development, not a forecast, because these people already live in Berlin and will not move away anymore. [...]  Short-term developments over five or ten years can be predicted well. Everything else is coffee grounds reading.“

The whole post (as PDF-document): 'rbb'-Coffee-grounds-20150708.pdf




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages …




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages …




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages …




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages …




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages …




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages ...




You can find the current results and projects on our results and project pages ...



 30. Okt.

Economic restructuring
„How subsidies exacerbate the skills shortage“
(… link to the article at 'Tagesschau.de',in German language)
Report by Andre Kartschall and Aspasia Opitz, rbb, including an interview with Dr. Harald Michel, I/F/A/D


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